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It’s a tough competition for developers out there today. No matter if you’re a client or looking for a client – you need someone that can find what you are looking for.

And here comes Top Tal.
Provider of engineers and teams, for web, mobile or desktop software.
A marketplace for developers and companies, if you will.

So, what makes this company great?
Let’s see.

How it works?

Let’s say you are developer and looking for a job.
Joining TopTal is similar as every other interview you had, only little bit more… difficult. This is because they are trying (and do) to provide the best service to the client – and that is finding a developers from the highest caliber.
There are usually several steps (4) of this hiring process, with tasks that are required from you.
And once you finished all this – you’re hired. All you have to do is to wait some client to contact you.
Although you can set your rate, Top Tal will recommend you a rate for you. All of this is based on where you live and it’s compared to the market there at the moment. This is not because they don’t want you to get more money…this is because they want to make sure you will be hired.

What happens if the client is not satisfied with you?
You know how in the freelancing world you get nothing if the client is not satisfied with your work? Well, this is not the case in Top Tal. If this scenario occurs, you will get 50% of the amount – if this will happen after the trial period.
NDA – Non Disclosure Agreements.
If you are freelancer, you are familiar with this stuff, right?

Well, Top Tal have one of these too.
It’s a little stricter than others, but I get them. Here is it: “30,000 payment for damages in the event that “ANY developers, engineers or technology related professionals directly to Client”.
Of course you shouldn’t do that, Top Tal is making their money this way. Instead, if you have any professionals, tell them to apply in Top Tal. More professionals, more happy clients, right?

You will find many reviews from developers online who testify why they are happy with Top Tal.
So, once again – if you’re a developer looking for a client, don’t wait any more.
Sign up with Top Tal.

Looking for a developer?


So, you’re the client and you have need from developers.
All you have to do is to contact Top Tal and explain what kind of developer you’re looking for and little bit about your project. The recruiter from Top Tal will listen to you carefully and it will ask from you couple of days so it can find you several developers – that fits in your plans.
And alas, after couple of days you have a list of developers that you can contact and set up all the details. Our company usually contacted them 2 times per day, but it all depends where they are from and the time difference. We prefer 2 times because we can set up the daily plan on the beginning of the day and talk about the progress on the end of the day. Some developers prefer to work in their already working hours, some on their free time.
But like we said, you will able to arrange all the detail directly with them. Like all the developers working there, the Top Tal team itself are professional, diligent and efficient.
If you are not happy with the results, Top Tal will not charge you a dime. That’s great or what?

But why Top Tal?

Let’s face it, Top Tal is not the only “middle man” company when comes to hiring developers, or first one in that matter. You also have companies like Odesk.com, Elance.com, Guru.com etc.
So, what makes Top Tal different?

– All the developers are English speaking, unlike the other companies.
– You have a staff or professionals that will help you find a developer.
– The Developers already passed several screening, to assure the best quality for the client.
– If you are developer, Top Tal is providing safe and already proven clients.
– Satisfaction guaranteed.
– Time to find a developer is from 0 to 3 weeks, unlike several months on the other sites.
– Termination cost: none.
– Has already big clients like: Gucci, J.P. Morgan, ZenDesk, Axel Springer, KDDI America etc.
– Very low failure rate: Every time you work with a new Toptal engineer, you will have a trial period to decide whether they meet your needs.

Top Tal Beginnings

Top Tal is founded by engineers.
Taso Du Val and Breanden Beneschott are co-founders. Both of them already worked in a high profile companies like Fotolos and Zandigo and found out that their friends over sea are just as good as the people in USA.
So they combined their mutual knowledge, and being on the both sides – clients and developers – wanted to provide an effective and smooth process of hiring and finding a developer.

And this is how Top Tal was born and it’s still an important link for developers and clients from USA and Europe.

What types of engineers does Toptal provide?

Toptal provides a broad range of engineers that fall into three general categories:

– Front-End (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, UX, UI, etc.)
– Back-End (Python, Django, Java, C++, PHP, Ruby, iOS, Rails, etc.)
– Quality Assurance (Unit Testing, Selenium, PHPUnit, JUnit, Cucumber, etc.)
How much it costs?

Ah, the most important part, right?
Working with developers from USA and Europe, they will try to find you one that works for you. They have a lot of flexibility here. But, in general, they do have same ranges and they are:

– $1,800 – $3,200+/week per full-time Front-End or Back-End engineer
– $1,000 – $1,600+/week per part-time Front-End or Back-End engineer
– $1,200 – $1,800+/week per full-time Quality Assurance (QA) engineer
– $600 – $1,000+/week per part-time Quality Assurance (QA) engineer

We’re not saying they’re the cheapest ones out there, but for sure they are the best out there. You all know much it can costs you hiring an unprofessional developer – in money and time. Something like this cannot happen with Top Tal.

We hope that you found this review helpful. If not you can read more Toptal reviews on Taklr.com and find what other people are saying about this company.

They recent review has been one of the most popular reviews on Toptal:

The Toptal Review: Everything You Need To Know – Taklr

If you start using Toptal for your projects please let us know your personal opinion and experience with Top Tal.


Hostgator building

Many of you already using the smart way of purchasing hosting with coupons and promo codes. And that’s great – but how to choose between the right hosting and the right coupon?

Well, we will share some of our experience with you, which hopefully, will help you.


HostGator with its exceptional service is standing out among the hosting companies for a while now. What makes it so great?
From years of working with them, it’s the hosting company that I always recommend to friends & readers. They offer free excellent up time (99.9%), large number of domains, unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. And you get all of this and more on HostGator.
With purchasing promo codes and coupons you can get all of this much cheaper and smarter.


There is a coupon for every hosting you can named  But where can you find them?
You can do that on sites as Couponama and RetailMeNot, some of the leading coupon retailer’s sites out there. Couponama, for example, offers coupons for Shared, VPS and Reseller Hosting, with very easy interface that with one click on the coupons transfers you to the HostGator purchase page.
If you don’t know what kind of coupon you need, HostGator will help you with that us well. But hey, we mentioned somewhere that we are trying to help our fellow bloggers & readers, so we will do that for them


You are trying to start something small without the big expenses, but you don’t want to lose quality? Than this promotional code from Couponama is the right coupon for you.
Hurry up and get it with 25% or 30% discount.


you still doesn’t want to pay as much, but you need something more than Shared coupon? You are building a site that you expect large amount of traffic?

Check this VPS coupon from Couponama than, it might be what you looking for.


You need a hosting but also trying to get into the web hosting business? You think you have what it takes to sell your own hosting and make some profit out of it?
Well, Couponama have solution for you too – offering you 50% OFF discount on this Reseller promo code. Be fast, there are lot of people who wants to make money too


Well, it’s expected from every good company to have little bit higher prices for their products. HostGator is not an exception. Although we wouldn’t call it expensive – comparing with other web hosting companies, we wouldn’t call it cheap either.

With using coupons and promo codes you can be sure that you will get the product you want with paying much less. If you follow Couponama deals on daily basis (like I do), you can sometimes even find free deals! They are great or what?
Doesn’t matter if you will chose HostGator for your new hosting company, or Couponama or RetailMeNot, but make sure to use the smart way and to use coupons with your next purchase.


3 Best HostGator 50% OFF Coupon Sites

Like many of you, I am trying to find coupons when buying web hosting. Because I am dedicated client to HostGator, the coupons I am looking for are mostly for them. It’s cheaper, smarter and it’s the new way to buy hosting and many other things online.


It’s a big market for coupons out there, so how to find the right coupon site?
The thing that I first notice when I visit some promotional codes sites is how user friendly they are. Nobody wants to go back and forth just to redeem a coupon. Right?
With that in mind, I mostly find my coupons at Couponama, easiest user friendly way to get promo codes so far. The site will direct you to HostGator automatically and that’s is something that plenty of us looking for – time saving site.

What kind of coupons are there?

In short terms, every kind you need. Leading promotional codes sites like RetailMeNot or Couponama, offers lots of coupons for HostGator shared web hosting & HostGator VPS hosting. With their 25% & 30% discount coupons, it’s ridiculous not to use them when purchasing the hosting. Few weeks back I calculated how much exactly I had saved with this kind of coupons and I was surprised myself. I don’t know if you are keeping track on that – if not, it’s something that you should start doing. You will be amazed, especially if you are someone who owns blog networking system.
Can I find coupons all the time?

Although yes you can, waiting it’s not something we recommend. For example, Couponama 30% coupons are going away very fast – why not use them instead the 25% ones?
Make yourself a favor and go to get those promo codes now.

What else I can get from HostGator expect hosting?

HostGator is the leading web hosting company and there is a reason why that is. Expect domain names and hosting, you can find also things like unlimited emails addresses and space, easy-to-use control panel, blogging advices, 100 Google AdWords credit, 45 days money back guarantee, forums and everything else that can help the potential client.
No need to say that they 99.9% uptime, but even in their downtime, they have great technical support that will help you right away. And even HostGator itself offers discount coupons and codes as well. If you already have hosting but you change your mind, no worries – the will help you with the migration process as well.
Many acknowledgement and awards are living proof for HostGator long and successful career, that is with goal to help everybody in need for a good hosting options.

Affiliate partners

You want to make some profit out of this? Well, if the reseller hosting option is not enough for you, you can always became an affiliate partner and write blogs & reviews for them. This is an excellent offer that many hosting companies have today – and even if you don’t write reviews you can always sell coupons and get commissions out of that.

Coupons: The new way to buy web hosting & web domains


On today’s online market, it’s not difficult to find the product you like. Also, with reviews you can be sure if that product is the right for you or not. And once you decide to buy the product, you can use coupons to do it.

In this article, let’s talk about using coupons for buying web hosting. Big hosting companies like HostGator, GoDaddy, BlueHost etc. are not difficult to find, but where to find coupons from?

Promo Codes & Vouchers

This is essential today when choosing web host company. You can find this kind of options on many web sites out there, but it’s important to choose the right one.
Keep in mind, although they are many site who are offering this, not all of them are up to date or offer a great service.
My clients and I are using the Couponama site, among the others. The guys there are professional, gives great discount and deals and they know that if you are happy with them, you will go back – so they are doing their best to make you happy.

My advice to you is to check on them as often as you can, because you can even find free deals sometimes.

How to use them?

Easy as pie. Great coupons sites like Couponama, RetailMeNot, etc. are quick and straight to the point – just click on the voucher and you are directed to the main site, let’s say HostGator. With other site you need to go back to the coupon place, write down the code and then again to the main site.
Although it’s not a big deal, it takes time, which very often is extremely important.

And that’s why you need good coupon companies, which will save your time.

How much discount can I get?

It’s usually around 25% to 30%. You might say it’s not much, but for the fellow colleagues who have blogging networking system, makes a big difference. Why to pay more when you can pay less?

Do coupon sites have customer support?

Good ones, yes.
RetailMeNot helped me 2 or 3 times when I had troubleshooting with their coupon, but they fix this immediately. So customer support is another thing that you need when looking for a coupon site. Couponama also is great example for this: they are contacting their loyal customers for new promotions and deals. So even if you cannot find a good deal, deal might find you.

Terms of agreement

Before using a coupon, don’t forget to check the important stuff – expiration date, how soon you can use it, can somebody else use it, DID somebody already use it etc.
and if you are not sure, contact them and they will explain you. After all, you should know what you buying, right?

Holiday discounts

Use this amazing time to find even greater deals. Don’t forget to look for December coupons. It’s sale time or what? Other interesting coupons and promotions will also be available in January 2015 so we’ll keep you updated on that also.

Upcoming HostGator Coupon Codes

Have you ever wondered how some people with small wages manage to make ends meet and even better how do they always seem to have everything they need. Well it is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. The main thing that people with low income do is they save the earned money, than since they don’t have a lot of resources shop selectively. You may wonder now how can you shop selectively since you want to buy so many stuff, well there are ways to make a combination of the two. The answer is coupons.

Types of coupons

Basically there are two types of coupons. The first ones can be found mainly in newspapers or magazines; the problem is that you have to find the right newspapers with the right coupons and that can be time consuming. The second type is easier to locate, all you need to know is the right web sites for which I am going to put up some links so you may check them out. You may find lots of coupon codes on couponama.com, the coupon codes are all free so there is not much to think about. This is another upside of coupons you can find on the internet, since for the other once you have to buy magazines and you don’t want to spend any unnecessary cash. There is another web site for getting coupons retailmenot.com.

Promo codes for HostGator

In case you are interested in the services provided by HostGator, you don’t have to rush out and spend a lot of money, there are discounts all around you. If you go to couponama.com there is a promo code for a discount at HostGator, you can choose a coupon code depending on your interest. There is a VPS hosting coupon, shared hosting coupon or a reseller hosting coupon. They are all free.  The company HostGator is located in Texas but this does not mean that they only provide services in Texas or for that matter only in the United States; they actually provide services in 200 countries internationally and have been ranked on the 21 place in the states and 1 place in the Texas Area by Inc Magazine.


There is no harm in saving money with the use of coupons since they are free, they are basically like someone handed you out cash and told you to spend it responsibly. Now you know how to manage your finances in a way that is beneficial to you so try not spending it all at once, be responsible and you will see the outcome, by saving money you will improve your lifestyle, you will be able to buy anything you want and never think about not making ends meet by the end of each month. In the end we all strive for happiness. Why not take charge of your life now and see the good results that will appear right away.

For more information on getting coupon codes and discounts for Hostgator you can subscribe to our email list and get all the best discounts at your mailbox.

HostGator Shared Hosting Coupons: Save 25% OFF

The ability to manage your finances is an excellent quality; however everybody is different with different perspectives on life. Some people tend to be more impulsive and some tend to be more rational. As we grow we improve ourselves, therefore there are always ways to change from impulsive to rational if that is what you want. There are a few courses of action you can take to become more money responsible. Most of them are mentioned in the text below so make sure that you read carefully.

Managing your finances for your benefit

As I mentioned, there are ways to become more responsible when it comes to handling money. The first one is to wait for discounts, if you are impulsive and buy everything right away by the end of the month you probably won’t even have money left to make ends meet. Another way and this is a variation of a discount, is the use of coupons. There are two kinds of coupons: the kind you cut out of a newspaper and the kind you click on the internet. Obviously the second kind is easier to find so I would advise you to stick to that one, plus no one has the time to cut coupons if you have the option to just click it. You can get coupon codes on couponama.com. If you are considering HostGator and its services then click on the promo code on couponama, the best part of it is that the coupon is free so you have nothing to lose. Another web site like this one is retailmenot.com.

HostGator’s services

HostGator, as one of the leading web hosting companies deals with shared, reseller, virtual private server, and dedicated web hosting. If you go to couponama.com you will see that there are several different coupon codes for HostGator, it depends on the service that you prefer. Whether you would like a shared hosting coupon, a VPS hosting coupon or a reseller hosting coupon, the choice is yours and the coupon codes are free. Even though HostGator is located in Texas they provide services for 200 countries worldwide and were ranked first place by Inc Magazine for the Texas Area.


Many people are doing well because they know how to spend their money. Manage your finances by finding low prices, discounts and using coupons, everybody loves a good deal. By saving money you will live a happier life, you will also have less stress. Try cutting the bill in half to make room for other essential stuff. There is absolutely no loss in using coupons if you don’t have to pay for them and get lower prices at your favorite stores, having said this I believe that getting coupons needs absolutely no persuasion since everybody loves cheaper deals. If you have money problems try turning it around, you will notice that people who spend responsibly never complain about not having enough. If you spend enough money maybe you will be able to afford something you always wanted to have but never could. Try it out.

Getting the Best Hostgator Discounts

When people want to buy a certain product it is usually the product itself that attracts them not the price, however the price does have an influence in the decision making process and discounts can be really convincing, especially when customers have a limited budget. In cases such as this one the best solution for getting a certain product and not having to go over the budget is to shop responsibly, this can be done by the use of coupons for getting discounts.

Discount searching

The search for discounts ends here. Coupon codes for discounts can be found on several web sites. You may go to those web sites and get a coupon by clicking on it. The best part of it is that the coupon is free so there is no loss in clicking it. couponama.com is one web site where you can find free coupons, for example if you want a coupon for HostGator you can click the promo code on couponama and you will get a discount and a free trial showing that HostGator respects the policy where the customer is always right. This is also shown by the fact that the company has a 45 day money back guarantee. Another web site where you may find coupon codes is retailmenot.com. Getting coupons can be a real money saver and you can manage your finances really easy by doing so.

Another interesting site for coupon codes is HostGatorCouponPlace. They have a variety of Hostgator coupon codes that are working perfectly in 2015.

Finding out about HostGator

HostGator is one of the ten largest web hosting companies in the world. They provide web builders for free so if for example you want to start a web site and you’ve never done it, this helps you and you don’t even need to know any advance programming languages. It also provides 24/7 technical support. Other tools include:  SQL Database Manager, Worldpress Installation, Tutorials and Videos, Fire and Website Backup Tools, Website Logs and Traffic Graphs, Extra Security Tools, as well as Subdomain Creator and Manager and Several E-mail Applications with Auto Responders. Even though the company is located in Texas it provides service to customers in over 200 countries internationally.


If you feel like you never have the money to buy everything you want it is not only because you can’t. Sometimes there are ways to manage your finances by careful distribution of the cash. It is really important not to be impulsive when it comes to spending. Trying the use of coupons can help you with that; you will see that the people who use them on regular bases tend to be more careful and logical when it comes to spending, they only buy essential stuff and usually these are the people that get free stuff because they know where to find them. If you use coupons to get something half off you can use the rest of the money that you would have spent on the first product to get something else, so now you have two things for the price of one.

Coupons and discounts for HostGator: Latest News

Couponing has been around for years, the people that used this advantage even if they had small incomes usually were able to get everything they needed with the use of coupons, The use of coupons enables you to get a product half off or even for free and the coupon itself doesn’t cost you a dime. This is a pretty good deal for anyone who wants to think economically.

HostGator’s services

HostGator, the company that is located in Texas, is leading web hosting service that provides services such as:  Building Systems, SQL Database Manager, WordPress Installation, Tutorials and Videos, Fire and Website Backup Tools, Website Logs and Traffic Graphs, Extra Security Tools, as well as Subdomain Creator and Manager and Several E-mail Applications with Auto Responders. If you go to their YouTube channel they explain everything about how to use a web builder and other tools. There are a few web sites where you can get coupon codes for HostGator for free; by getting a coupon code you will get a discount for the services of HostGator. They are a really praised company and have been ranked number one by Inc Magazine for the Texas Area, also they made their hosting green hosting and they host over 9 million domains.

Using coupon codes for discounts

As I already said coupons can help you pay less which allows you to handle your finances more efficiently. When talking about coupon codes it is important to mention that they are free and that there are sites where you can get them and get discounts from your favourite stores. Couponama.com is one web site that does this. If you want a HostGator coupon go to couponama.com and get a promo code. There are several types of coupons on this site, such as: a shared hosting coupon, VSP hosting coupon or a reseller hosting coupon. These different types of coupons offer different discounts and you may choose from them. Also they offer a free trial and that is always a good thing. There is another site for getting coupons by the name of retailmenot.com. Getting coupons nowadays is easier than ever before, since you can find them on the internet for free and not having to go and buy a newspaper to get them.

How to save more

Up to now I may conclude that saving money can only be only beneficial and couponing can only be beneficial as well, you get the coupons for free and profit from them just by clicking on them. You actually have nothing to lose and everything to gain. So get your coupon codes and don’t miss this chance to learn how to handle your finances. If you start using coupons for your daily spending you will reduce the outcome a lot and will be able to live a more cosy life without having to fear if you are going to have enough money to pay the bills. Remember that you are the master of your own fate.

Thank you for reading this article. If it was helpful for you please leave a comment below to say thanks.